Performance at the Paris Biennale, 1980. 

Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris.

“To be let” happening, Artshop Plaizier, Brussels, 1984

Performance at the opening of an exhibition by Jan De Winter

Rock Painting, Cirque d'Hiver / Beaubourg, Paris 1982

Dog performance, Gallery L. Bilinelli, Brussels

Knorr Art Lunch Happening, New Workshop, Brussels, 1983

Red and Green performance, Berlin

Dance performance, The new workshop,


Belgica Hommage, ICC Antwerp, 1980

Action Painting performance, “Hallen van Schaarbeek”, 1985

The burning performance, Chapel Campo Santo Ghent, 1992

Hair Paintings, Gallery Ronald Donahue, New York, 1985

Tarzan performance, Zoo of Amiens, France

Direct computerintervention during a live broadcast‘Eiland’ from the Bourlaa

Splash performance, Feldheim Castle, Zaventem

Video Paintings, Beursschouwburg, Brussels, 1985

Knorr Art Lunch Happening, New Workshop, Brussels, 1983

Arts + Machina 2, Ecole d'Architecture de Bretagne, Rennes, 1983

Red and Black performance, Gallery Titanik, Turku, Finland, 1990

Street happening

Rock’n Roll dance party, “Hallen van Schaarbeek”, 1982

Mallemunt festival, Brussels

Polaroid Performance, Canjotto, 2013

Piano Performance, Huis Happaert, 2014