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Belgian painter Albert Pepermans is known for his visually strong and very colorful work. Only using ink, paint and paper, he succeeds in creating a personal style that refers to the Pop Art and the Dada tradition.

Guided by his no-nonsense mentality, Albert Pepermans has continuously delivered an extensive oeuvre and his inexhaustibility has allowed him to experiment and to persist. Largely divided into series, which are determined according to a technique or a theme, the opus of Pepermans alternates between concrete figures and abstract settings. The spontaneity, energy, humor and sometimes impulsivity which permeate his drawings and paintings, reflect the main features of the man himself.

Being a renowned artist, Pepermans already exhibited in Paris, New York, Berlin and Zurich. In 1987, Pepermans’ work is presented in the hall of the Brussels museum of Modern Art, where his Micky Mouses (‘Micky’s) are strongly appreciated by the audience. In 1994, when Jan Hoet becomes curator of Documenta IX in Germany,

Pepermans’ drawings and paintings are displayed in the archive. At the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin, a solo exhibition is being compiled by a gallery owner from Brussels, Camille Von Scholz, who is known for thrusting European and Belgian artists into the spotlight. During the nineties, Paris will become a permanent venue for Pepermans’ work. This will lead to several collaborations, among which the cooperation with the famous Flemish author Hugo Claus, which resulted in three exhibitions that brought a mix of both Pepermans' work and the poetry of Claus. Several years later, these projects were integrated under the name

Fabels, which was included in the poetry summer of Watou.

In 2002, the world exhibition in Hannover selected the work of Pepermans after which he made 100 paintings measuring 30 by 40 cm for the Belgian Pavilion and in 2010 he participated in a group exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

While being a strong performer too, Pepermans describes himself as a 'graphic artist with paint and paper' - his work translates into multiple techniques, materials and styles. It brings a clear message that often excels in cheerfulness and strength. The more you watch, the more you discover.

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